1. Why another time tracking tool?

We get it--there are a lot of time tracking tools out there. Many of them are good but didn’t work for us for a couple of reasons:

  1. Most require up-front setup, i.e. you have to create "Projects" and "Clients", etc. This doesn't work well for people who get interrupted a lot or have to switch between many projects multiple times a day.
  2. We wanted entering your time to be quick, whether or not your browser is open. Just press your customizable hotkey and the TimeStream app pops up ready to take a "status" message about what you're working on.
  3. Most apps have start and stop timers. TimeStream only has a start; your current task stops getting timed when you enter your next task.

2. How do I stop a task?

TimeStream doesn’t have a concept of stoping tasks by hand. It automatically stops your current task when you start your next task. This is to minimize the amount of clicks needed when moving from task to task. If you’re not working or don’t want to leave the clock running, enter a task like "Break" or "br" to indicate that you’re not working.

3. How do I delete a task?

Sorry, but you can’t delete tasks. This is so that you have a constant record of how things transpired.

4. What if I forgot and left the clock running?

If you left your current task running too long, we suggest you re-enter that task but make a note like "[-2 hr]" so that you’ll know how long it really took.

5. Where are all the buttons?

We stripped away the user interface to keep TimeStream simple and clean. You’ll find that keyboard navigation is a lot faster and pretty easy. Just press the question mark key "?" if you get stuck.

6. Is TimeStream just for time tracking?

While TimeStream was originally designed just for time tracking, a lot of users have found it helpful as an on the fly note taking system. You can use it as a bookmarking tool or capture quick notes without having to dig up a text file or some other app. Retrieving your notes is really easy through TimeStream's fast and flexible search tool. Check out the Getting Started page to learn more.

7. How much does it cost?

TimeStream is free for all users during the beta testing period. There will always be a free plan with all the features as paid accounts but with generous caps on the amount of tasks you can enter. Paid accounts are "pay-as-you-go" and plans will be available for different usage levels.