Time tracking with private statuses.

  1. Press customizable hotkey.
  2. Enter what you're working on.
  3. Rinse. Repeat.


It's like Twitter but private and it records time spent on each status. Status messages can be what you're working on, personal notes or bookmarks.

Who's it for?

Developers, agency folks, IT peeps, managers, etc. Basically, anybody who has a lot to do and hates time tracking

Hotkeys galore

The web UI is keyboard driven so you can navigate quickly.

Copy to other apps

Selected items are copied to your clipboard in one click and include total hours.

For developers

Dirt simple API. Enter time from the command line. Sample scripts for Git/SVN integration.

Other features

Export reports to: CSV, JSON, PDF, RSS, TXT and XML. SSL and unicode support. Plugins for Quicksilver, LaunchBar and GeekTool.

Coming soon

  • - Slick charts
  • - Sharing
  • - iPhone app
  • - Linux/Windows client
  • - Themes
  • - Custom hotkeys for web
  • - Call in entries from phone